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    If you work with text files daily perhaps you'd like to take a look at Helium - which stands for Highlight Editor with LIght-weight rUntime environMent. So, basically it is a text editor with support for many file types. It has gone through many tweaks and changes in the time I've been preparing for this article, so it's an app that has very good support.
    You can create files right from within the app, and you can also open existing files. Just navigate to the file from within File Manager, tap it and it opens up in Helium. From there you can start editing straight away. When in edit mode, it uses different colored text to highlight different parts of code, as you would get with many desktop text editors, so that's always handy at a glance. You can then Run the file to see a preview of it.

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    07-31-15 03:30 PM
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    Look like a good app. I'm very surprised to see it has only 13 reviews...

    08-17-15 02:30 AM

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