08-25-19 10:23 AM
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  1. Golfdriver97's Avatar
    I just found out a few minutes ago, that Carjacked has passed away. His wife messaged the gang on BBM that it was sudden. He leaves behind his wife and 2 boys.

    Carjacked....I know you can't read this, but you stuck up for me once in a thread that I was trying to help out with. I have always been grateful for that. Even though I was established on AC, I wasn't so much here, and that meant a lot to me. My last opportunity to say thanks.

    My thought are for your family.

    Joe (Golfdriver97), Trusted Member Team Leader
    08-24-18 09:19 AM
  2. lkveggie's Avatar
    Absolutely devastating news. What a fantastic BlackBerry fan and all around person. He will be greatly missed by everyone who knew him.
    08-24-18 09:29 AM
  3. john_v's Avatar
    Unreal. Was just having some friendly banter with him last week.

    A sobering reminder to say "I love you" to the people who matter, while you still have the opportunity.
    08-24-18 09:35 AM
  4. sputneek's Avatar
    Sad, sad news, he will be missed..condolences to his wife and two boys.
    08-24-18 09:52 AM
  5. kbz1960's Avatar
    Unbelievable. RIP my brother from another mother. You are and will be truly missed. Always the good ones. So sad.
    08-24-18 09:54 AM
  6. Rico4you's Avatar
    I met Mark via here CB..and also via social media ..and did manage to talk to him on the phone from London UK BlackBerry event last year...the type of person you connect so easily with and feel like he has been your friend for such a long time...My God Mark will miss you...your laughter..your jokes...your style...
    All my prayers and help in whatever I can for your wife Leigh and your boys...
    RIP Mark...you are so sadly missed...
    08-24-18 09:55 AM
  7. mainely_linux's Avatar
    Our BBM/Telegram groups have been absolutely devastated with this news today. This is a great loss to the community and all of his friends. I can say with certainty Ive never met a nicer guy online. RIP Mark.
    08-24-18 09:59 AM
  8. Bla1ze's Avatar
    This is so heartbreaking. Mark was such a great guy. Had the honor meeting him a couple of times and he was always full of laughs and love. My heart goes out to his family. He will be missed greatly.
    08-24-18 10:07 AM
  9. CB-BB-BBM's Avatar
    Mark was one of the best, fantastic sense of humor, my deepest condolences to his family,
    08-24-18 10:13 AM
  10. jaydee5799's Avatar
    Mark will genuinely be missed by many here at CB and across the entire Mobile Nations. My prayers to his wife and sons at this time. The Pantless Bunch is definitely in mourning. What a shocking loss.
    08-24-18 10:16 AM
  11. jafobabe's Avatar
    My heart is totally broken and devastated. A wonderful friend and my virtual Bro, that will never be forgotten, and A one-in-a-million, that has passed too soon. I will miss you dearly Mark. My thoughts and prayers to Leigh, the boys, and their family.
    08-24-18 10:16 AM
  12. pkcable's Avatar
    I am at a loss for words! My thoughts and prayers are with Mark's wife, and children at this VERY difficult time.
    08-24-18 10:19 AM
  13. Annie_8plus's Avatar
    I am very sorry to read this. My thoughts and prayers are with all who loved him.
    08-24-18 10:48 AM
  14. CrackBerry Kevin's Avatar
    I've had the pleasure to hangout with Carjacked/Mark on several occasions and have nothing but fond memories of my times with him (he was one of the BlackBerry super fans who joined us for the launch of the KEYone - truly memorable experience) . Mark was a standup member of the CrackBerry and BlackBerry community and all around good guy - the times I met him in person his face was always lit up with a smile.

    I'm so shocked and sad to hear of his sudden passing. My condolences and best wishes go out to his wife, children and family. Totally not fair and if there's anything the CrackBerry community can do to help we will.

    Cheers to you Mark. We'll remember you always.
    08-24-18 11:09 AM
  15. James Falconer's Avatar
    This is such horrible news. I can only say great things about Mark - have known him for quite some time now, and he was just an awesome guy and fantastic community member. Every interaction I had with him was a positive one. He's going to be missed around here big time.

    From all of us here at CrackBerry and Mobile Nations, I'd like to extend our deepest condolences. Will be sending thoughts and prayers to Mark's family and friends in this difficult time.

    Rest easy brother. You were one of a kind.
    08-24-18 11:10 AM
  16. FF22's Avatar
    I was very saddened by the news. Unlike some I never met or personally communicated with him but his posts were always a pleasure to read and respond to. Taken too soon. Much too soon.

    Condolences to his wife and sons.
    08-24-18 11:11 AM
  17. Sigewif's Avatar
    I was in shock and disbelief to hear this and am deeply saddened about this devastating news. I knew Mark through CrackBerry and social media but felt as though I knew him personally. He was such an incredible man. His love for his family shone through clearly. He was an immeasurable asset to the CrackBerry/BlackBerry community and an example to all. My prayers go out to his family and those who were nearest to him during this very difficult time. 💔
    08-24-18 11:14 AM
  18. zephyr613's Avatar
    Totally shocked and very saddened to hear this...

    We have truly lost one of the "good ones"

    Rest easy Mark, we will miss you and your laughter and positivity.

    My thoughts and prayers are with his wife and children at this most difficult time...
    08-24-18 11:24 AM
  19. canuckvoip's Avatar
    All my mojo sent to the family.
    RIP Mark.
    08-24-18 11:34 AM
  20. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    I'm so sorry to hear this sad news. Your family is in my thoughts.
    08-24-18 11:43 AM
  21. Ragbert's Avatar
    I just found this out in the Pantless group when I took a work break. I am at a loss for words. What a tragedy for his wife and sons, and what a huge loss also for those of us who were part of his CB family. I'd always hoped to meet him one day.

    He was a good friend, a good husband, and a GREAT dad to his kids, who were the lights of his life. I can't even imagine what his family must be going through, but my heart goes out to them. Too too sad. :-(
    08-24-18 11:46 AM
  22. Michelle Haag's Avatar
    A great person, friend, and treasured member of our community, taken far too soon. Rest in peace, Mark. You will be remembered always as one of the good ones, and we thank you for the time you gave our community. You are already missed! <3
    08-24-18 11:52 AM
  23. Spencerdl's Avatar
    WOW. Rest in Peace Carjacked...you will be missed. My condolences to his Family.
    08-24-18 12:03 PM
  24. metllicamilitia's Avatar
    I was saddened to hear this news, I remember how helpful he was when I was using BlackBerry’s. My condolences to his family.
    08-24-18 12:05 PM
  25. Lee_Bo's Avatar
    Very heartbreaking news. My thoughts and prayers are with the family.
    08-24-18 12:09 PM
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