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    Oh Typo,*how you push my buttons. When it comes to the Typo Keyboard for iPhone, I've actually been 100% impartial in the matter. I've praised the Typo keyboard* a thing*many BlackBerry users think is wrong of me to do* for being a good product, if what you're looking for is a BlackBerry-like typing experience on an iPhone. I've also expressed my mind repeatedly on how much I think the Typo keyboard looks like it was built by BlackBerry, I'm sure much to Typo's chagrin.
    My modus operandi here is straight forward - let the lawyers sort it out. If BlackBerry wins (which as of today it's looking like that will happen), then see ya Typo, it was fun while it lasted. And if Typo wins, well, you know me if I like it I like it period. And in the case of Typo, I do like the product. Heck, I'd be happy to sell them in our iMore store or do some affiliate stuff with them. Clearly there is at least *some* demand for the product, and I like to help give mobile phone users what they want.
    What doesn't make me happy though is when somebody takes my content, edits it to their benefit and re-uploads for use in marketing. That's absolutely not cool (and not legal), but that's what Typo just did with their recent mailer that went out, which you can see below.

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    03-24-14 03:22 PM

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