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    Marketing. It's a key thing to do when you're looking to sell smartphones and if you're a BlackBerry fan, there's a pretty good chance you've found yourself wondering why BlackBerry doesn't do more of it, especially when it comes time to launch a new device. The BlackBerry Passport launch is just around the corner and once again, many folks were wondering whether or not BlackBerry would drive any marketing for the device in order to help sell it.
    The answer to that? Well, after today that certainly appears to be the case. After having set up their initial registration page inviting potential buyers to register for more info about the BlackBerry Passport through social media and email, BlackBerry has now taken out a full page newspaper ad throughout Canada that not only invites readers to learn more about the BlackBerry Passport but it also serves as a message that BlackBerry is back and they mean business.

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    09-05-14 11:51 PM
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    Nice ad with info on product. Does BlackBerry even have the brand power to pull off such idiotic ads?

    Posted via CB10
    09-10-14 06:45 AM

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