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    Aside from Toronto being a hotspot for BlackBerry, it appears there's still more consumer owners of BlackBerry in the UK than Windows Phones, showing that while many have already proclaimed Windows Phone as the number three ecosystem, it's not as black and white as that and there's still room for BlackBerry to make some moves.

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    06-16-14 07:12 PM
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    Need to stay ahead of Windows Phone in the app game, they seem to be gaining traction in that aspect. I mean of course, we have SNAP, we can run another platform within ours (which none of the other three can do) but that's not how the average joe sees it.

    Until those apps are easily available, people will still say there are no apps. I use Snap and I absolutely love it, just to be clear. But if people like my parents pick up BlackBerry 10 devices, they aren't going to think about Sideloading SNAP. Just my two cents.
    06-16-14 09:12 PM

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