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    BlackBerry has announced that alternative mobile device management systems can now support BlackBerry 10. AirWatch, Citrix, and IBM are already showing interest in supporting BB10 in their respective MDM solutions. BlackBerry will of course continue to be offering BES as their own solution to businesses looking to wrangle Android, iOS, and BB10 devices.

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    05-13-14 10:40 AM
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    Great idea in my opinion.

    Could this allow a few companies to switch off of BES 10? Sure.. but it's about recognizing bow much pull you have and seeing where opportunity lay.

    People aren't staying on BES because they want to offer BlackBerry devices today. Many MANY companies have moved away from BlackBerry.. some remain on BES because they see the value, others have gone to other MDM's and up until now those companies, even the ones that allow BYOD have been telling their employees even if you want to use your BlackBerry you can't.

    This move at least allow individuals who work for companies that aren't standing behind BlackBerry to use a BlackBerry device if they personally choose to.

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    05-13-14 11:49 AM

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