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    It's Thursday. Which means it's Throw Back Thursday. And in this week's spirit of looking back at some of our favorite moments of BlackBerry Live events in years gone by, today I'm sharing with you a never before seen moment. For me personally, it's not only one of my favorite BlackBerry Live moments, but one of the absolute most memorable moments of my life.... my BlackBerry Surprise Birthday Party!!
    My birthday is May 16th, which last year fell on a Thursday - the final day of BlackBerry Live. I had a meeting scheduled on my calendar for 2pm that day, to meet up with a colleague (and awesome friend!) from BlackBerry to discuss some future-looking CrackBerry ideas. It was a meeting that I requested, so no alarm bells went off in my head. We made our way back to the conference room that BlackBerry was using as their makeshift BlackBerry Live HQ for the week. And that's when it happened. I opened the door and walked into HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

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    05-15-14 10:40 AM

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