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    BlackBerry unveiled the new BlackBerry Z3 in Jakarta earlier today, and in addition to showing off the latest device, CEO John Chen also dropped word on what is (and isn't) on the current roadmap. In addition to the BlackBerry Classic which we should see later this year, BlackBerry also has a few more new devices in the works both full-touch and keyboard.
    There are still plenty of rumors about what new devices we'll see from BlackBerry, the biggest of which is the BlackBerry Windermere. Chen said that working with Foxconn, we could see a new high-end, flagship device as well.

    Full story from the Crackberry Blog...
    05-13-14 10:00 AM
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    Good news!
    And hopefully the next bigger Q serie will be out in a few months/weeks!
    When it comes to wearable devices and the fact Blackberry didn't make that move, i find it very strange to be surprised.
    Do you like Apple's wearable device? oh wait..they didn't have one yet! and they are the more important player in that gadgety market!
    Samsung and all other smart-watches went down like lead balloons it's not up to a restructuring company like Blackberry to innovate in that very risky segment.
    Once a model will be a best seller (quite certainly Apple's one) androids look-alikes will come out with competitive price and then it will be Blackberry business to assure compatibility with its smartphones...nothing more.
    Let's focus on the smartphones to gain back some weight as a manufacturer.
    Wearable devices are still to be invented as nothing very convincing has yet been on the market.
    The 3-4 new devices announce made my day!
    Waiting for the windermere now!
    05-13-14 10:23 AM

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