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    If youíve been are a shareholder of BlackBerry over the past few years itís mostly been painful. But if youíve held the shares over the last month itís been very rewarding. BlackBerry bottomed out below $6 in December and is now rallied about 50% to almost $9 (USD) today.
    The big move started when John Chen quarterbacked the latest earnings call. I posted my thoughts on that already, so I wonít rehash it here. But suffice to say the momentum has continued despite no real change in the financial picture and no important company news of any kind really.

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    01-17-14 03:10 PM
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    Sorry OP, you completely lost my interest when you stated the company has not released any significant news of any kind.

    I need a bit more intelligent analysis to warrant a response to your post.

    01-17-14 05:29 PM

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