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    This weekend I have something a little different for this series, and I think it is something that developers and non-developers alike will enjoy. The best I can explain it is as a self-reflection of developing for BlackBerry 10 and specifically centering my thoughts on one of my apps, Random Stories+.
    First a little background, Random Stories+ (RS) is an ad lib style app/game where it asks you for various words by parts of speech (verb, noun, adjective, etc) and fills those words into a story to make a potentially silly sounding story. Version 1.x of RS was one of the first apps I ever wrote and I did the majority of the development prior to BlackBerry 10 launching. After launch it was never a particularly popular app so it kind of fell by the wayside and I moved on to other projects.
    From a development standpoint this is a relatively easy scenario to code. Pretty much have the user start a story (2 length options, quickie with 5 blanks and epic with 10 blanks) and have a function randomly select one of the stories for which the user could then enter their words. After the user presses submit those words would be concatenated into the rest of the story. Hilarity ensues?
    At this point, you may be wondering I am telling this story. Well the short answer is simple, self-review and self-improvement. The long answer, however, I think is much more interesting and has screenshots!
    I have seen many people write articles about if you look at your old code and you barely understand it means you have advanced as a developer. And in my case, with this code being over a year old, this couldnt be more true. Lets first take a look at the workflow of the 3 main releases of the app:

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    03-08-14 08:51 AM

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