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    Well soldier, did you follow your orders from James to take a look at MACE tower defense? I know some of you obeyed, played the game and reported back to him. For those that did, I'm glad you made it back; trying to prevent an alien invasion is no easy task. MACE tower defense is one in a long line of tower defense type games; but it stands out with impressive graphics and an in-game purchasing or upgrading system that continuously tempts you to get stronger; more efficient at holding back an extraterrestrial onslaught.
    Find the most strategic tower placements and the best combination of tower types to push them back. It's all up to you how you want to defend the Earth, just so long as you don't let those aliens successfully make a mad dash to the finish line. For those that didn't follow orders, consider this a debriefing of sorts. There's still time to join the fight; the people of Earth are counting on you soldier, so start building!

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    05-26-14 05:40 AM

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