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    When it comes to apps on BlackBerry 10, I want them all to be there available for download in BlackBerry World.
    Preferably, I want those apps to be built native for BlackBerry 10, and better yet, Built for BlackBerry approved. In other words, the best apps are best-built with BlackBerry's BB10 SDK and are designed and optimized for the BlackBerry 10 user interface and experience. If that can't happen for whatever reason lack of time, lack of resources, lack of caring then I'm happy when a ported version of an Android app is available to fill that void. Even though it's not native, I'd rather have an app that works OK over not having one at all.

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    04-10-14 11:22 AM
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    Thank you for this informative post
    04-15-14 05:35 PM

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