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    You might not know the name Morten Lindstrom but if you look carefully through a lot of BlackBerry webinars, developer documentation and various other parts of BlackBerry related content, you're sure to find his name. Morten is part of the BlackBerry community, especially the developer community being a BlackBerry Elite member. He gives up a lot of his time to help others but this time around Morten needs some help from #TeamBlackBerry.
    Morten lives in Trinidad with his wife Nicole, who was recently diagnosed with sickle cell anemia. As Morten puts it, in the beginning it was all about being able to handle the pain, and good diet combined with pain killers was enough to help Nicole live a happy and positive life. However her situation soon deteriorated and she began having constant pain that not even morphine could stop, her energy level started dropping, and the days went from being active, to a fight for survival, all in less than a year.

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    09-10-14 06:40 PM

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