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    With Sound Scheme for BlackBerry 10, you can always be alerted of events happening on your device. Like sound schemes in Windows or MacOS, Sound Scheme for BlackBerry 10 allows you to customize almost all OS events with a sound notification.

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    07-12-17 02:20 PM
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    As I expressed on the blog's commentary sections, I was really glad to see an article on BlackBerry 10 and a developer who still cares about it. One thing I did not mention was those complaining about the $3 price tag and that it's not worth buying apps for a dead platform. There's two things wrong this:

    #1 While it's true that BlackBerry 10 has almost no life in it, there are still thousands of people using it. To them this would be a very worthy move if they're interested in being notified of systematic events.

    #2 $3 expensive? Seriously? How cheap are you guys?! $3 is nothing! People spend countless amounts of money everyday on things like coffee, takeouts and many more. Besides, the price tag is there because the developer would like to be paid for their quality efforts and time they put into creating an app. When an app is free, it's because you are the product, but most don't seem to care or realize that.
    07-13-17 12:52 PM

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