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    According to a new report, Samsung has approached Blackberry for a potential takeover worth as much as $7.5 billion.

    Full story from the Crackberry Blog...
    01-14-15 03:12 PM
  2. krishnasaami81's Avatar
    With lot of focus by its (Samsung's) competitors Apple and Google bringing connectivity inside the car and car makers push towards autonomous driving @ CES 2015, I suspect Samsung interest lies in taking over QNX mainly to compete in this space. With BlackBerry take over comes the added advantage of leadership in enterprise, MUM and IoT as well

    Posted via CB10
    01-14-15 03:18 PM
  3. Lithtech's Avatar

    Hope it's BS.... blackberry are starting to take off... they cant just sell out like that... i would lose respect for john chen.
    01-14-15 07:10 PM

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