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    Although Navfree has been around on BlackBerry 10 for some time it wasn't until recently that the satellite navigation app was updated to support the BlackBerry Q10 and Q5. As predominantly a Q10 user that was my key to give Navfree a good test.
    I'll be honest and say that I'm a big fan of BlackBerry Maps and I use it numerous times a week for getting to locations I'm not familiar with as I volunteer as a Community First Responder with the East of England Ambulance Service. I'm not saying BlackBerry Maps is better that the competition as I know it's not, but for me and the fact that I can just pull out my BlackBerry - key in the postcode - select Maps and off I go is the quickest option I've found after using an iPhone, Android and Windows Phone device.
    So can Navfree compete with BlackBerry Maps? Let's take a closer look.

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    06-23-14 02:51 PM
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    I use NavFree regularly. Overall I like it alot. The BlackBerry Maps traffic feature is the biggest difference IMO. With the crowd sourced information, if it is widely adopted it can be best of breed.
    06-23-14 02:57 PM
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    Better than Mireo, at least Navfree searches street addresses

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    06-23-14 07:00 PM

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