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    Dear Mr. Chen,
    Its been just about a year since weve received our first BlackBerry 10 software update that was made available about one month after the launch of the BlackBerry*Z10 (not talking about the US of course).
    This morning, as the CrackBerry team woke up we all received links (via email, twitter and BBM) to a Thunderclap post which is the inspiration for this letter. The ask of the Thunderclap was simple, BlackBerry 10.2.1 for All.
    It really got us reflecting this morning on the past year of BlackBerry 10. Yes, BlackBerry has really evolved BB10 and it has come a long way since we first booted up our*Z10*review unit on a cold winter night back at the start of 2013. Our recently-posted retrospective review of 10.2.1 highlights the best of these improvements.
    Tallied up, there have been six*BlackBerry 10 updates (in various ways) in 12 months. That's a good number, considering that BB10 was both a new OS and one that's built on a solid and mature foundation.
    But (what is an open letter without a but) Not everyone actually receives all those updates. Not everyone gets the awesomeness that makes BlackBerry 10 better every day. John, this is where things fall apart. This is where you lose customers and make ones who do stay unhappy.

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    03-11-14 11:40 AM

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