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    BlackBerry's former Chief Marketing Officer, Frank Boulben, inked a sponsorship deal last year with the Mercedes Formula 1 team. The deal is for three years, and while Mercedes did OK in 2013, the 2014 season is off to an AMAZING start. A lot of rules changed for 2014, and Mercedes clearly nailed the design of their new car. Five races into it, Mercedes has won EVERY SINGLE RACE. They're kicking so much *** I almost feel bad for the other teams.
    For an F1 sponsor such as BlackBerry, it's really shaping up to be the DREAM SEASON. The BlackBerry logo is appearing on the podium race after race, and the cars are getting more than their fair share of screen time. As far as traditional premium brand sponsorship campaigns go, you can't really beat Mercedes' performance this year. Unfortunately, this year it doesn't appear that BlackBerry is doing much above and beyond their base sponsorship to further engage the F1 crowd. Last year the BlackBerry.com website featured a racing section (now a dead link), and at some of the venues BlackBerry ramped up on their consumer engagement activities... I attended last year's Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal, and BlackBerry 10 van was out in full force alongside an awesome F1 street installation that drew in crowds of people.

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    05-14-14 12:51 PM

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