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    While the new BlackBerry CEO hasnt been at the company very long, hes made a lot of changes and most of us agree that hes been very effective so far.
    Lately, on the legal front, hes shown that BlackBerry wont take any crap from anyone. The company successfully stopped Typo from selling their iPhone case after convincing a judge that BlackBerry would likely win a lawsuit. The injunction was granted in late March, not that long after Typo hit the market. This new BlackBerry sure moves fast.
    Just this week BlackBerry was also successful in court with Dutch semiconductor company NXP. They had been sued for willful patent infringement by NXP in 2012, and the case went to court only last month. BlackBerry crushed NXP. The jurors reportedly deliberated for less than a day.

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    04-08-14 12:12 PM
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    Thank you for this informative post
    04-15-14 05:36 PM

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