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    That's the message John Chen has been relaying in all of his recent interviews but once again reiterated in an interview with Reuters. November 4th marked John Chens one-year anniversary at BlackBerry, and there's no doubt things have changed since his arrival, including how others are now looking at the company. It's no longer a company stuck in a 'death spiral' as many predicted.

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    11-09-14 08:22 PM
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    Randon Chen-Related Thoughts:

    This site sometimes reminds me of an episode of House, M.D.

    No matter how many times he saves the day and proves to be correct against all odds, each epsiode the other characters react with skepticism and incredulity at his ideas. I always thought, "no way they'd be like that in real life, after like the third genius diagnosis, they'd unquestioningly trust this guy."

    But every article about Chen fills up with comments questioning, criticizing, and predicting total failure. In the comments on this one people are discussing his "stupidity."

    Me, I'm inclined to trust the man's instincts at this point. We were supposed to be dead and buried over a year ago. This guy pulled a House.

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    11-10-14 12:30 AM

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