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    MACE, which stands for Military Alliance of Common Earth, is a great take on classic gaming. I'm a sucker for the classics, as it takes me back a couple of decades to my youth (geez, am I aging myself enough?). Since I don't have my old Atari to play them on anymore; I tend to find flash versions of the classics online on my PC. Being a particular fan of classic space shooter games, like Galaga or R-Type, MACE is right up my alley. This is especially true since I can take it with me on my BlackBerry 10 Smartphone rather than carrying pockets full of quarters and going to an arcade.
    You enter a world sometime after the year 2054, when the Earth was invaded by Aliens. The people of Earth band together in a military fashion to push back these invaders and protect humanity from future invasions. Who wouldn't want take the fight to the stars in top scrolling, 2D graphic gameplay? Are you up to the challenge?

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    05-24-14 05:30 AM

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