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    At the start of this millennium BlackBerry did something amazing. They mobilized email. At the time it was rare to see a holstered RIM 850 or RIM 950 handheld Öbecause the people who owned them were addicts. They were always sending and reading email on their devices. Ultimately this addictive nature of the product is what inspired Kevin to start CrackBerry in the first place.* That was a long time ago.
    But we all know what happened after the iPhone and Android hit the market. BlackBerry started losing customers. Die hard messaging fanatics still prefer BlackBerry, but too many people have decided that they prefer a huge app store. And until recently, BlackBerry was isolated to BlackBerry hardware.* But not anymore. Now that BBM has gone cross platform, a whole new crowd of users has been exposed to the brand again.
    Cross platform BBM has been a nice starting point, but itís not enough. With Facebook buying WhatsApp and adding 1 million new chat users per day, BBM as a consumer tool has already lost the war. BlackBerry needs to disrupt the market with another cool solution, not try to fight a way bigger giant.
    I can think of one way to do this. Itís about bringing voice to every email user in the world. This would go way beyond the 80 million BBM users.

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    02-21-14 03:00 PM
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    Definitely agree with the need to disrupt the market, but I doubt we will see any tricks up Blackberry's sleeve.

    I get the feeling the road map is a very basic straight forward "serve the enterprise customers" with no fancy fan fair until they can afford that luxury to experiment with innovative new things.

    The gesture based keyboard could be something but not sure how this would work?

    Keyboard < touch < KeyTouch?

    Hopefully it's not the next SurePress lol

    Posted via CB10
    02-21-14 03:55 PM

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