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    The first accessory I got for my BlackBerry Priv was the leather pouch in tan. For every BlackBerry smartphone I have owned, I have purchased a leather pouch (except for the Passport, as there was none), so it wasn't going to be any different when I got my hands on a Priv. I decided to get it in tan this time, just to switch things up a little.

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    01-01-16 07:00 AM
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    I really like the Napa leather flip case. It solves a few problems.

    1-the creaking sound
    2-hot hands
    3-greasy screen

    I have been using it my Priv for a few days and the leather flip case is nice! It solved so many minor issues for me. The best one for me is the greasy screen issue. When I speak the the phone now I keep the case closed so I do t have w any interactions with the screen and keeps it less smudged,I also like using the notification window

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    01-02-16 01:13 AM
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    Last week I tried several AT&T stores to see the BlackBerry "Napa" leather material first hand as I gained a lot of skepticism after my experience with the Passport flip case. The Chicago AT&T flagship store on Michigan Ave where I picked up my Priv did not carry it and the sales reps were once again not familiar with yet another BlackBerry device, no matter this time it having the Android OS. It is sad to see that most AT&T in store sales people actually feel entitled to not know anything about anything with a BlackBerry label. Going back to cases... the Passport flip case was also touted to have a Napa leather and as many already know, it is actually a very cheap, plastic like material and mine started fraying in the corners only after a few months. If you are familiar with the PP flip case, how does the new Priv Napa texture/quality compare to it whether on the Priv flip case or the Priv pouch? Is it the same material as the PP flip case or significantly better, apples and oranges?

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    01-03-16 06:31 AM

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