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    For the most part, the BlackBerry Passport specs such as the processor, internal storage, display and RAM were put out there fairly early but there was a few little bits that remained still unknown. A new spec sheet has been posted up and it covers all of the 'other stuff' folks were wondering about such as the full Wi-Fi and Bluetooth profiles supported, port connectivity and more. If you dig the finer details, this should cover mostly everything remaining that you would need to know.

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    08-22-14 12:30 PM
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    The above SA article was loaded with what I suspect is a lame attempt to remove from the minds of BlackBerry long and shorts of any possibility of BlackBerry differentiating themselves from the "consumer" look alike put there. I believe BlackBerry has a loyal customer base in the enterprise and business realms.

    My questions to all on CB, maybe I read it wrong, but would BlackBerry going "Pop" (my way of saying consumer like say Samsung) would they risk losing any hold in the market ?

    It would be absolutely stupid for the them leave or even seek to strike a balance between the serious user and the average "Candy Crush" crowd. The same way price and style has set Apple apart from the competition, why is there this stupid attempt to make BlackBerry another "me too" OEM ?

    As one Who's looking forward to the passport, it was time someone took the serious user like myself into consideration. My stop gap has been a Moto G, which as much as i don't mind the google services am appalled at the lack of serious security.

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    08-22-14 04:51 PM

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