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    Former Apple CEO John Sculley took to Bloomberg TV yesterday, where the discussion went towards BlackBerry. Sculley, a BlackBerry user himself, was in the headlines a few months back as one of parties that was potentially putting together a bid to buy BlackBerry while the for sale sign was on the company.
    During the interview, Sculley talks about BlackBerry's hidden value being in its BlackBerry Enterprise Servers. Sculley*has involvement in another company called OpenPeak, who's in the business of security and managing data on enterprise devices. With BES having 675 carrier relationships around the world, Sculley saw the merger of OpenPeak and BlackBerry (BES specifically) as being a match made in heaven.

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    01-16-14 11:10 AM
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    Let's hope he does it then.

    (nothing to see here, just moving this thread off the unanswered threads list )
    01-18-14 09:13 PM

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