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    Virtually all of the apps I download have a purpose (most are native), and whether for news, social media, gaming, productivity, etc., they add some real value to my Q10. There are a select few on there for a different reason, however. The sole purpose of their existence is to look good, because I really like the app icons. I've never even opened some, while others were briefly explored and then abandoned.
    Unlike Kevin's infamous Cesar HQ Limited Edition Desktop Clock App purchase, which at least had a level of curiosity and mystery behind it (Something special must live within such an expensive app, or so he thought), my special apps are basically mindless eye candy. I had no intention of actually utilizing any of them. At least for me, the first impression of the icons was enough to initiate a download.

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    07-02-14 09:00 PM
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    Yes I tried once.
    07-03-14 05:25 AM

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