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    Productivity and efficiency. These two words have always been synonymous with the BlackBerry experience, and the ability to get things done FAST was the primary reason I became a BlackBerry fan so many years ago. Thinking back to the my first BlackBerry, the 7290, I remember being so impressed at how efficiently I could navigate my way through the operating system. BlackBerry had mapped everything out and figured out the path to getting things done in the least number of clicks possible, and when it came to suggesting things like menu options, it always read my mind and knew what I wanted to do be pre-selecting the option.*
    With BlackBerry 10 being an all-new operating system, BlackBerry started from scratch and has been steadily improving the user experience, adding back in more efficiency and productivity in areas where it was lacking from the initial launch. We highlighted much of that in our 2014 BlackBerry 10 Review.*

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    03-07-14 12:12 PM

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