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    Carlulu for BlackBerry 10 smartphones helps you record fill ups and tune ups. With our SUV starting to get a little older, I noticed that the trips to the repair shop were becoming more frequent and more expensive; neither of which came as a surprise. We've amassed a small pile of invoices and repair records that is only expected to grow. These are then filed away for safe keeping and for reference, not for ease of access on the go. That being said, obviously I opted to look for another method of tracking automotive repairs than just on paper; especially for when I'm away from home, possibly stuck on the side of the road. Carlulu offers just that; the ability to track how much gas (and money) your vehicles are guzzling from the tanks (and your wallet).
    Understanding that it shouldn't replace the physical records I've collected, nor the service records at the repair shop, I decided to take Carlulu for a test drive to see if it ran smoothly on my BlackBerry or if it needed a tune up.

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    06-30-14 04:30 PM

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