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    BlackBerry has announced a big step into the Internet of Things today with a new initiative called "Project Ion". The details of the project are scarce for now, but the goal is to create a modern, extensible framework for machine-to-machine communication. If you want to know what that means, just check out Connectedly, where we're taking a good look at a broadening world of smart devices. In the enterprise space, most of M2M systems are old and proprietary, but BlackBerry is looking to recruit partners eager to get into (or expand their presence in) the internet of things.

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    05-21-14 12:40 PM
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    It sounds like this is mostly a way for QNX devices to connect to the internet. I don't think this will ultimately be the backbone for the "internet of things" since there are already plenty of devices that already connect themselves to the internet from my TV to my garage door opener. Most manufacturers are going to want to do this themselves rather than go through another company. It seems like a logical advancement for an embedded OS.
    05-21-14 05:56 PM

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