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    While BlackBerry has been busy winning some longstanding legal issues, they've also been taking care of some more recent ones with pretty good results as well. As noted previously, BlackBerry recently went back to the judge in the BlackBerry Limited vs. Typo Products LLC case to ask judge William Orrick to uphold a preliminary injunction preventing Typo from selling its iPhone keyboard in any form, be it their old version of their 're-vamped' Typo 2 version and this time around they've won.

    Full story from the Crackberry Blog...
    08-24-14 05:51 PM
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    And Crackberry is selling the Typo!


    Unbelievable. Even Crackberry only cares about the almighty dollar I guess. Sometimes doing the right thing is more important than making a buck. What a sell out.

    Posted via CB10
    08-24-14 11:59 PM

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