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    When it comes to stock availability of the BlackBerry KEYone at Amazon or Best Buy, things have been a bit hit or miss. Now, though, that appears to be clearing up as Amazon and Best Buy currently have the GSM and CDMA BlackBerry KEYone in stock.

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    08-29-17 11:40 AM
  2. anon(1723145)'s Avatar
    It was showing in-stock when I placed my order on Amazon on 8/30. Then it immediately changed to out of stock and had no confirmed shipping date! I talked to an Amazon CSR today and asked when I could expect it to ship...

    First he kind of laughed and asked why I was buying a K1 in the first place... He put me on hold for 5 or so minutes came back and said he didn't have any re-stock date!


    Why is it so damn hard to buy a f'n CDMA K1?

    This long after the "so called" North American release and it still this hard to buy this damn phone?

    And please don't start with that change your carrier crap. I know the GSM version is out there. But that's not the one I need!

    No wonder people laugh when you mention BlackBerry.

    Absolutely pathetic!
    09-03-17 05:04 PM

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