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    Seems BlackBerry is getting a little bit more aggressive with their marketing as they've now stepped into Microsoft's realm. A new ad is currently running on XBox consoles in Canada and it's from BlackBerry promoting the BlackBerry Classic. The ad features the launch promo video for the device and invites XBox Lives users to download a free episode of Top Gear and MTV's Ridiculousness sponsored by BlackBerry. The ad itself is actually featured in two spots, you can catch another look below. Pretty bold move if you ask me. I like it. Let us know what you all think in the comments.

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    02-17-15 06:00 PM
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    This is the second BlackBerry Classic promo running on the Xbox 360 dash, the first was to vote on the best feature. BlackBerry heads to Xbox Live to advertise the BlackBerry Classic-img_20150211_021401.jpg
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    02-17-15 09:04 PM

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