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    Although the BlackBerry Classic has already been officially announced by BlackBerry, the device never really was unveiled so to speak nor did BlackBerry really put a timeline on its release outside of saying 'The new smartphone will be available in the second half of 2014.' A recent interview between BlackBerry CEO John Chen and USA Today finally lays a little bit more of an official timeline on it for those who've been wondering.

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    04-20-14 11:51 PM
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    I think he is missing the selling point of BBOS7 and that because BBOS7 now is the easiest to use out of any OS. Everything is just black and white with it.

    I can only see this phone have a small niche. If they really want this phone to kill it, they need to bring have the option to go to BBOS7 theme then for the active frames have it like PBOS2 or have a PBOS theme. (which is best of both worlds anyways)

    Attachment 264621
    Attachment 264622

    1. Open up the damn theme API!! (imagine themes and icon packs on BB10, i loved themes back on OS5)
    2. make it possible to have a virtual 'Tool Belt" for other build owners which works just as good as the old one
    TrackPad Editor - BlackBerry World just add the call, menu and end key.

    Chen is doing an amazing job. He does need to look at these little things and integrate them to the OS TODAY!!!

    Future is touch screen so he should just repackage the Z30 just like Samsung and HTC did with their flagships (with barely any difference) just to get the name out and make it a little better like camera, battery (3000mah would really pick it up a notch from 2-3 days to steady 3 days :P), better ppi and that's it!
    04-21-14 07:42 AM
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    Just in time for my upgrade.

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    04-23-14 06:20 AM

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