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    Fans of BlackBerry OS have been something on QWERTY BlackBerry 10 devices. Some would even go so far as to say it's a very crucial and sadly missed feature. If you're a QWERTY device user, you probably already know what I'm referring to without even reading any further. Keyboard shortcuts. They were awesome on BlackBerry OS and allowed BlackBerry users to unleash some truly powerful productivity with very minimal effort. Sadly, they were stripped out of BlackBerry 10 and while some were replaced, they were never recreated at full capacity but instead simply just used for speed dial contacts.

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    09-15-14 09:00 PM
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    I think this will be the bold 9900, aka the phone that refuses to die.

    If this was cheaper I would get this, but bold is fine as a backup device.

    I still don't trust BB10 enough as a primary after my trouble with the z10 and playbook.

    Definite improvement in past year though, here's hoping.

    I always root for ATI and Blackberry, simply because..

    Maple Syrup beats Fat Chicks any day.
    09-17-14 06:27 PM

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