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    Remember back when the first images of the BlackBerry Passport first started showing up? Many people thought BlackBerry was crazy and comments like 'What was BlackBerry thinking?!?' were pretty easy to find. After a while though, a lot of people began to change their mind on the device and began to appreciate the look of it. With over 200,000 units now sold, there are some answers to that question - what was BlackBerry thinking? - starting to come out, and they're coming from BlackBerry CEO John Chen. The man who jokingly noted his best contribution to the creation of the Passport was the fact he never killed it.

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    10-02-14 02:30 PM
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    I feel that although I do really agree with the recent direction that BlackBerry is aiming... I feel they are missing a important angle in there advertising "perfect fit for todays professional and tomorrows" there are hundreds of thousands of students in universities and technical training facilities that could truly benefit from the #blend of a smartphone and the laptop... students take dictation, share group assignments, need to multi task all selling features of the #passport and to have those attributes at there fingertips with out having to lug around a second or possible third piece of technology, no boot up time, and the added benefits of the social nature of the phone makes it a perfect fit for every student... 1 piece of technology to meet all needs would save thousands for the "starving students" of the world.. a thought that would definitely hit home for those who struggle financially in pursuit of their goals. #justathought

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    10-05-14 12:33 PM

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