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    First off, I purchased my phone at Best Buy for $149.99, no rebates or anything, that was the 2 year upgrade price.... And I managed to snag the last one

    - Typing is FLYING FAST! I was getting to the point where I could type fairly fast on the storm, but not with much accuracy, and my thumbs would get tired very fast... we'll see how that happens on this new phone.
    - Camera is OMG FAST! (and I can do it with one hand!)
    - The browser feels like I'm using my computer! (Even on my Net. Extender, it is more than fast)
    - Unlocking my device is so much quicker with a physical keyboard, and locking it takes a second or less
    - Tour was made in "CANADA 1", battery door is tight, no "buzzing" sounds.
    - The OS compared next to the storm is extremely fast.
    - Screen Resolution is so good it almost looks fake.... when you goto the store take a look at the phone from an angle, you'll see what i mean.....

    - Device Switch Wizard (5.0) was giving my trouble with the Storm -> Tour changeover, it told me that "Profiles could not be restored" as the software version was newer.... Then it didn't restore the data. Regardless, I just restored a backup file from the storm and everything was A-OK.
    - After reading some of the "critics" complaints about the storm, I notice a slight "screen rippling", only if i press the trackball extremely hard. Does this bother me? Not at all, you know how much my storm screen "rippled"?
    - Battery door does has that sort of cheeper feel, Only in the middle. I feel I was just spoiled by the metal battery door of the storm.

    I was on the fence about this phone for weeks. Once I saw it in person I was still on the fence. I just ended up going out and buying it and I will say that was a great decision. I was originally going to wait for the Storm 2, or the Gemini (i believe its called that) due to the Wi-Fi Functionality.... It would prove more than useful at my home due to limited reception, and even though I would have access to the computer I would rather be checking my blackberry for emails than going to the computer and checking it.

    Summary - Amazing Phone, well worth the money, its a good quality phone. If you are on the Storm and you are "on the fence" about it, Just go out and buy it. If you aren't happy, bring it back within the 30 days and wait for the Storm 2.
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    Ok... I was a little confused with your title of the thread, thought that you were fixin' to bash on the Tour and say not to switch from the Storm to the Tour.

    It is a truly awesome phone though!
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    Yeah I guess the title is a bit confusing now that I look at it... but it did suck you in right? lol.
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