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    Hi folks,

    Wanted to share with you an unboxing video (BELOW) or should I say "unbagging" of a cheap BlackBerry Z10 case I ordered off eBay from Hong Kong, and received today. It cost a whopping total of $3.50 with shipping in... to my door. It took 3 weeks to arrive. Obviously you get what you pay for. Same cases are available at a local cell accessory shop for $10-15 so now we know where they get their stock from. Nevertheless, if you are willing to wait and not too picky, they work. But if you value your phone perhaps spend a bit more for a known better brand with more protection (like an OtterBox).

    It is also not the most fashionable case out there. What do you expect for $3.50 shipping included? In fact it can be considered downright *but% ugly*. CrackBerry has way better stuff and since this is not my main phone at the moment, I can live with this cheap case... But I wouldn't want to carry this outside, it would be embarassing. Hey Kevin, if you are reading this, save me from embarassment.

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    01-14-14 10:14 PM
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    yep same price here in malaysia 10 Ringgit roughly 3 usd, btw nice color there matching with your red LE z10 I'm jealous haha

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    01-14-14 10:23 PM

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