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    Satechi BT Touch Wireless Portable Bluetooth Hands-free Speaker System Review:

    I've recently purchased five different wireless speakers to use with my Q10 and Apple laptop. They ranged from $10 to $200. Four of them I either returned or gave away because they were too expensive and/or had sound quality that I found unacceptable. Three were big brand names. One was a wifi-direct speaker. Thankfully I came across this Satechi BT Bluetooth Speaker on sale with free shipping that I almost didn't buy because of my previous recent experience with these others. I got to tell you, I really truly like this speaker. I've been to the electronic stores recently in their wireless speaker section listening to all sizes and kinds. There is a popular $99 tiny bluetooth speaker that when I heard it I thought I would never pay that much for the sound quality coming out of that thing. I saw this Satechi on sale and it was about the same size as this popular one and bought it with trepidation. Well, to my ears I like the sound quality better than all the others, even the $200 model. I know everyone has different music-sound tastes so this is obviously subjective. But this little thing is tuned perfectly to what I like: rich, warm, with no excess bass. It won't replace a large speaker but I am surprised at its warmth for its size. The expensive speaker just resonated too loudly for my ears but didn't seem true to the music whereas this does.

    Satechi Bluetooth Touch Speaker-hand2.jpg

    Satechi Bluetooth Touch Speaker-f.jpg

    Satechi Bluetooth Touch Speaker-bb.jpg

    Satechi Bluetooth Touch Speaker-b.jpg

    Satechi Bluetooth Touch Speaker-img_20131229_190424.png
    Playing an internet radio station on Nobex through it

    Satechi Bluetooth Touch Speaker-.jpg

    Some specs:

    Bluetooth 3.0: Hands-Free, AVRCP, A2DP / Automatic connection / One time pairing
    2.5 x 2 Watts
    Rechargeable lithium-ion battery through USB lasting up to 6 hours of playback time
    Microphone for speakerphone use

    I've been using this for talk radio and music streaming from my Q10 (running leak OS The bluetooth stream has been smooth and clear. It paired and pairs easy and automatically(Although after 30 minutes of non-use the speaker goes into power savings mode so you may have to toggle the on/off switch) It gets loud enough for a small room so don't think you can throw a house-party with this. But it pumps loud enough if you happen to get into a good song.

    Personally, I think it looks fantastic. This is my kind of style. Nice and smooth, no silly unnecessary frills. The speaker grill is metal and the housing is plastic. It feels nicely-made. It has a blinking blue led on the front that blinks when connected. This might bother some users who might use it in the dark. The led functions to tell if the battery is low/charging etc too. It's about the size of a soda can and is not heavy neither lightweight. Easy to carry to another room or for traveling. There is a on/off switch on the back, a micro-usb connector to charge it, and a aux in port. It comes with a usb cable and an aux 3.5mm cable. On top the smooth top lights up with touch-buttons: Volume up/down, pause, play, next track, previous track, bluetooth, phone. On the bottom two U-shaped rubber feet.

    For the price I got it at it really is a steal. As of this writing it still is on sale right now at Amazon for $34.99 shipped. Compare that to the prices of most other Bluetooth speakers.

    I'm truly satisfied with this speaker and just thought I share a writeup about it.
    12-29-13 06:24 PM
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    Thank you for your honest and thoughtful review. I too am looking for a good BT speaker and wow! I think I may have to buy this one promptly!! Thanks for the info!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    12-29-13 07:18 PM
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    Satechi Bluetooth Touch Speaker-800_808370512.jpg

    A few more specs from the box.

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    Are you able to change the volume level of the speaker from your phone? I have a JBL Charge and can't change it from my phone or PlayBook. My Z10 is running

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    12-30-13 07:07 PM
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    Are you able to change the volume level of the speaker from your phone? I have a JBL Charge and can't change it from my phone or PlayBook. My Z10 is running

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    Yes. No problem changing volume from my BlackBerry.

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    12-30-13 11:13 PM
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    This speaker is not a room filler, but I do notice that some music is way louder than others. Try using different EQ settings that lower the bass and boost the mids.
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    02-11-16 06:10 AM
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    Last month bought new toy for me)
    Bose have the usual buttons for power. There’s also an almost incognito pair of jacks on the side for USB charging. Sounds great with deep bass. It's compact, so you can take Bose sound anywhere. You even can take calls out loud with clear sound due to Built-in speakerphone.

    Yes, plastic somewhere a little bit scratch, but I take to listen music, not to look on it) Guys from https://www.bestadvisor.com/bluetooth-speakers check it with the concsience.
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