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    A close examination of the build quality of 2 phones. Mostly in relation to the interface between the keyboard and body/ frame

    Physical differences of Q10 and Passport-q10-pp.jpg

    Physical differences of Q10 and Passport-bezel.jpg

    Physical differences of Q10 and Passport-bezel-keyboard-junction.jpg

    This last photo is because I realised that there is a gap on the left side of the device in comparison to the right side.
    Physical differences of Q10 and Passport-lt-gap-rt-normal-.jpg

    There really is a big difference in build quality from Q10 jumping to Passport. Much detail, precision and quality was placed into the build of Q10.
    As for Passport, while attaining a new form factor, piecing them together to form a coherent and sturdy body may not be as fluid as the Q10.
    Attached Thumbnails Physical differences of Q10 and Passport-img_20141102_200818.jpg  
    11-02-14 07:41 AM
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    Physical differences of Q10 and Passport-img_1478.jpg

    I think the difference meight be that the passport is stainless steel and harder to form compare to plastic from Q10?
    11-02-14 08:16 AM
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    The quality of the material of the back of the Q10 is better than the one of the Passport!

    BlackBerry|Q10, SQN100-3, OS; BlackBerry|Passport, SQW100-1, OS
    11-02-14 08:44 AM
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    I've had Q10 since they came out. I love this phone. That said I was able to get my hands on a Passport and there are some striking differences.

    The build quality IMHO is very good on both phones. I to like the back of the Q10 better but I think a lot of users may like the rubberized back just fine. I've seen pictures of an "all black" Passport. I would have liked that more than the sliver strips on the sides. The seems are all tight and the display has a nice seamless look.

    The biggest issue has been getting used to the size of the Passport. This phone is w-i-d-e. The keyboard works well for the most part. The keys have a good feel but I think BlackBerry could have given up a little more space at the bottom of the phone. The Passport might even better with a Z30 touch keyboard. The performance of the Passport more than makes up for some of its quirks. The phone loads everything quick. Once developers update their apps to utilize the Passport's screen size and power BlackBerry users might love this phone.

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    11-04-14 02:14 AM
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    The size of the individual keys on the Passport makes them really easy to hit, almost impossible to miss...

    Once you go back to the Q10, it feels tiny and you'll frequently hit the wrong keys until you find your rhythm again... :-)

    Build quality is generally excellent on both phones. Some have reported a soft volume key, some light bleed on the left or right side of the keyboard and other small inaccuracies (I count the screen coming off a few specimens as freak occurrences and not the norm...). The black coating on the Q10's frame becomes a bit unsightly after a few months in the OEM flip case due to minimal, unavoidable rubbing and (in)frequent removal from the case...

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    12-04-14 12:01 AM

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