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    (you have to log in to get access to the site, but here's a pic and some text).

    Not a review, but a new gaming device that should work with BB10 devices-feature_impulse.jpg

    iMpulse Controller lets you play your favorite games anywhere

    If we could play our favorite smartphone games using telepathy, we would. Until that happens, we’ll just have to settle for the shortcomings of the touch screen, letting our fingers get in the way of our favorite retro game. Small enough to fit in your pocket without adding an unreasonable amount of bulk, the super-portable, Android and iOS-compatible, Bluetooth iMpluse Controller lets you game while on the go with the comfort of a real gamepad. Whether you're among friends or killing time at the airport, you'll always be ready for a gaming session. And when the gaming stops, you can use the iMpulse as a media/presentation remote and keyfinder. That's a lot of utility for $40. Learn More

    Oops: mods, I think this needs to go into "Accessory Reviews" if not somewhere else altogether.
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    This works with BB10? That's cool!
    11-21-13 09:04 AM

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