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    It's AGM and E.R times, we all go around with our expectations, thoughts and speculations.
    Add all the salt you may need, here are mines, IMHO.

    On the expectation front,

    I believe we shouldn't raise the bar higher than Chen did.
    Simply put, let's have lower operating costs, raise the BES10 customer to the 1Million-ish and count decent Z3 sales. More could be great, yet the closer they will be to the "plan", the best it'll be.
    Anything that was not previously announced will be understood like "accidental" and may even drive a weird sentiment like "they don't really know". We don't want that: sharp execution is a key here.

    I'm also expecting guidance for the next quarter, at least a roadmap with measurable passing points.

    My personal (current) thoughts

    - The CORE restructuration program and the job cuts will give "cash-less-bleed fresh air" and sets the company into a position where any move - in almost any direction - is possible.
    - Foxconn partnership has demonstrated (we need figures here) its efficiency, at least on the reactivity side.
    - BBOS7 9900 re-edition and the next release of the "classic" has brought a solid option for current BES5 users to wait until they can follow the BES EZpass program, straight to BES12.
    - e-BBM and BBM protected launch is a strong signal : it denotes a tangible valuation for BBM ($30/year/user CAL) and raises the I.M "gadget" to an efficient &secure mobile collaborative tool for enterprises, clearly on MS Lync territory.
    - Opponents on the MDM front are not the current "small" players like MI or AW. They are the strong players that will - sooner than later - buy their technology or take over the companies. One I'd really care about is Oracle. There might be a problem here; we don't want BlackBerry to be small weighted against competitors, even if they (BB) are many steps ahead on the (overall EMM) operational front.
    - (edited 06-18) The Amazon app-shop deal just broke a two headed problem. On one hand, it offers 240,000 apps for individuals in a snap, on the other, with no compromise giving Google a shot into our devices. The whole in a trustable environment. BlackBerry dev team can now focus on enterprise apps, where value (both for enterprises and developers) is.

    My speculation

    It's been a while I called for a high magnitude alliance with a major enterprise oriented company. My favorite was MS for a long time; obviously I was wrong. But as soon as (before Chen went aboard) I realized it won't be ... another company naturally emerged. Let's question first about what she'd have to offer to be the "beautiful bride":

    1. Being a leader in enterprise
    2. Beign "EMM oriented" and missing global&deployed "EMM solution"
    3. Being in a position (structure) that fits with global restructuration.
    4. Being culturally compatible with BlackBerry
    5. Benfit of a favorable context

    Here I go with ... SAP
    1. They are undisputable leaders in their segment with 197.000 worldwide customers - 140.000 installs in 120 countries - 2012 sales : ~ $20.8 Billions ( €16.22 Billions).
    2. AFAIK they don't own reputed EMM nor announced any acquisition in this segment. Recent news for SAP is that they go "cloud based" all the way.
    EDIT 16-07-2014
    : SAP do have a EMM/IoT environment named AFARIA/HANA yet I'm not capable to estimate their sales/penetration in enterprises. Still, if I refer to a Forbes "sponsored" article (dated late 2012) we can clearly estimate that an alliance is still a solid option :
    We have a research team that is building really cool technology in the M2M area based on real customer scenarios, and we will soon be appointing a leader for the initiative that will help us take the solutions we develop with customers to the market on a broader scale. We are also identifying a set of close partners who will bring critical elements of the technology stack needed for M2M solutions. So don’t expect SAP to go it alone – there will be a combination of select software companies, system integrators, Telcos and Infrastructure players we are actively engaging with to help bring the solution and vision to market.
    3. The above 3 implies a deep restructuration (currently in progress).
    4. BlackBerry is recognised and trusted for security in Germany (gov/Merkel) and the partnership with Mercedes AMG Petronas team demonstrates how collaboration fits between BlackBerry's team and a well known rigourous German enterprise. Oh, and in case you didn't noticed, Chen and a vast majority of the board are former SAP employees; expect to see many shared methods and processes in both companies.
    5. The European (an others') defiance for anything NSA/unregulated privacy spying in U.S.A would makes a very propice context (SAP is German).

    All my radars are blinking. What do you think ?

    Disclaimer : wiews and speculations expressed are my own, as an individual. I hold BBRY shares (long).
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    * getting the pop corn *

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    06-18-14 05:43 AM
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    Definitely juicy....

    Z10 STL100-1, OS
    06-18-14 06:06 AM
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    I'm sorry to say but BB needs CASH,selling real estate might have been a good idea but I really think they will need more and I have a suspicion that they will unload Certicom for about $600 million to SAP,having heard nothing about Certicom for a while now and wondering WHY?Certicom in my mind is worth Billions and to unload it for 10X the amount they paid might seem like a good idea but something smells fishy about how they seem to have dropped the ball on something as valuable as this asset.As you said most of the new directors are from SAP.
    06-18-14 06:34 AM
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    @jojo : I'm not sure what SAP will do with Certicom assets. I know there's a "sell the jewels, team for the rest" option ... yet, selling a core asset like ECC in the current enterprise strategy ...
    Well, anyways, OP is 100% speculative.
    06-18-14 10:34 AM
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    Since AGM/E.R has been done, we now know that my speculation was ... fantasy !
    Due to this, this shouldn't be published as-is, if ever it sould.
    06-19-14 10:18 AM
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    Nope. Yours is a long story. And it has substance

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    06-19-14 09:41 PM

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