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    BOMGAR | Remote Desktop Control – Access PC, Mac, & Linux Computers for Enterprise Support

    Enterprise Remote Support

    Remote support in an enterprise environment has unique challenges. People and systems are dispersed, far beyond the network. But Bomgar has made enterprise remote support S.I.M.P.L.E.

    This is how the big players do it.

    Bomgar has sponsored display adds in CrackBerry, it caught my attention. I have installed the trail version of their remote support software. Very nice. It takes about 3 seconds for a screen refresh using UMA.

    The trial copy has limited features enabled, but enough to prove it works correctly with BlackBerry.

    More to come as I get acquainted with the product. Sure wish I had this back in the days....

    In practice, when a client has a problem, they would contact the support group by phone. If the issue would benifit from a remote support session, the client can be emailed a link or can open the installed client. The client requires a session support password to complete the connection.

    Alternatly, the client can sent a support request directly to the support group.

    This put a request in the support que. The session stays active during phone calls.

    The support operator has plenty of information available.

    There are some glaring errors, for example, my file free memory is 18 Mb, not the <500 Kb indicated.

    The Media card is not showing up at all.

    Ease of use is an issue, the BlackBerry client is not digitaly signed. Each time the client opens, you have to confirm endless access permissions. I am sure they will attend to that in future releases. Opening the client is about as complex as a Saturn V launch.

    Pre-Packaged Integration Adapter | Automate your integration of Bomgar with HP Service Center, HP Service Manager, or BMC Remedy Action Request System by purchasing a pre-packaged integration adapter, thus drastically reducing integration time. The adapter ensures integration between Bomgar and the chosen service management solution for current and future releases of both products.
    HP and Remedy pretty well covers the state of the art in Client Support.

    04-08-09 11:40 AM
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    used it and works
    04-25-09 11:17 AM
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    Saw someone use this to control both a Blackberry and a Windows Mobile device. It's pretty stinking cool.
    06-25-09 04:22 PM