1. Talha MAAB's Avatar
    am not sure where to put this, basically i got a new blackberry torch todauy not sure which model, anyway i was dowbloading this music app musicc mp3 tag i think its called and now its stuck on this blue loading circle and i cant seem to do anything about it i took the batery out and stuff put it back on and it still there, i cant connect to computer because i cant click on the phne touch or button its frozen n that any help
    05-01-14 02:15 PM
  2. Carl Estes's Avatar
    When you took out the battery, and reinstalled the battery, all was fine with the phone at that time, correct?
    Then when you tried to install the app, it hangs up and freezes at the "loading icon" correct?
    What model Torch do you have, 9800 which runs OS 5.xxx,
    or a 9850, which is running OS7.xxxx?
    Did you get the phone as a "handme down" from a friend or a "3rd" party, and not sure about the integrity of the device itself?
    You may have to wipe and reload the OS to the phone, make sure that the phone is stable and operating correctly, as you would expect it to.
    THEN, try you app one more time, if it works, then your golden, if not, then it's the app.

    05-01-14 03:08 PM

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