1. chrispphunt's Avatar
    I thought i'd write a quick topic on my thoughts with a the z10 as a replacement for my Sony xperia z.
    (both phones are similar in age and spec with the latest respective o/s so thought it was a fair compare)
    First off I own a playbook and had a 9700 and 9900 before I went android so i'm a longtime blackberry crackhead lol.
    The phone-
    Great size and feel, my xperia z feels a bit big and cold in comparison(glass and edges on the xz).
    Great for one handed use with a nice screen.
    Battery life is bad but the option to swap in a spare means that wasn't a worry for me.
    Camera is fine tbh and takes a pretty good shot if not quite as sharp/vibrant as the xz.
    Core operating system-
    Bb10 Is a breath of fresh air coming from android which at times is a bit of a mess.
    I love the built in file manager and the hub really is great, having everything in one place, so easily accessible at any stage of doing things is really amazing.
    I really found myself doing things quicker switching between open frames and the hub etc etc
    The keyboard is great as are the toast notificationsand viewing/managing my notifications in the hub is such a timesaver. Too often I came to blockers as there weren't apps or ways to do things I can do easily on my android though.
    Snap helped fill the gaps but slow opening apps and many not working fully really annoyed me.
    An example would be banking, usually I would just log in on my Barclays app to checks transfers/balance etc, not possible on Bb10 because I need my keycode reader to login online.

    In conclusion i'm gonna be picking back up my xperia z again to keep track of my banking, track my fitness reliably with endomondo and watch all the data during an f1 race.

    I hope Bb10 can integrate android better or get more developers on board with bbw as i'll jump straight back to blackberry if it does.
    As it is the z10 is a step backwards for me so I can't do it- i understand and love Bb10 and this community lots more now and I really am rooting for further improvements!

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    06-08-14 12:15 PM
  2. Rello's Avatar
    And fair assessment in my opinion. Android apps are nice and I love having the option to use them, but like u said, many don't work and I believe that it really does take away from the experience of BB10.

    Hopefully you can give BB10 a try again once once OS 10.3 drops later this year. Should make BB10 compatible with more android apps. I'm waiting on 10.3 to see if it works with fitness bands like the Up24
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    06-08-14 01:39 PM
  3. chrispphunt's Avatar
    Just selling my z10 now, quite sad as everytime I pick it up I like it more.
    Cmon blackberry, bring it with a similar phone and the added functionality and I'll be back!
    Please don't supersize too much with the new touchscreen device- z10's size I lovely!

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    06-22-14 05:50 PM
  4. Dave Bourque's Avatar
    Not sure why you would sell the Z10 when it's such a low resale value. You even admit that BB10 is a breath of fresh air and 10.3 is on the way to make thinks smoother regarding the android runtime.

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    06-22-14 06:42 PM
  5. chrispphunt's Avatar
    I bought it cheap and will sell it for cheap, if I'm not using it then it's money sat doing nothing.... Like my playbook has and its now virtually worthless- at least the z10 you can still get a bit of money for!

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    06-29-14 02:53 PM

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