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    A few days ago I did a very stupid thing and spilt a drink on my 8900. I did the suggested things like putting in a bag of rice etc.. but unfortunately it didn't fix it!

    Luckily I have full insurance so I took it back to the Carphone warehouse which was where I got it from and spoke to one of the employees. He had a quick look at the phone and called the engineer who said that the phone was unfixable. Unfortunately he wasn't able to 'officially' write it off as it needs to be sent back to Blackberry (or so he says) so they can look at it and they will declare it dead. This is going to take 4 weeks!!

    In the mean time I was offered a replacement phone, I was of course hoping for a BB, but I was given the most basic Nokia imaginable, basically it made phone calls and text messages. It had no Bluetooth (so I couldn't pair it with my car kit) and didn't come with a hands free kit. I argued with him until I was blue in the face saying that this wasn't acceptable as I am in my car most of the day for work and need hands free as it's illegal in the UK to use a phone while driving.

    Later that afternoon I phoned up their head office and agin explained the situation, after a lot more arguing I was given a new Sony Ericsson k330. Still not a BB but at least it has Bluetooth!

    Has anyone else had this sort of experience with Carphone Warehouse? I will certainly go elsewhere when my contract is up with tem in August!
    01-18-10 08:15 AM