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    I'm in Portugal, I bought my Z10 from Amazon and I'm selling it with all the accessories I bought (list below).
    Still have the box, all the papers that came inside.
    The phone is in very good condition, used almost the time with case. Has the latest software (Z10STL100-2/ works fine, the battery is also good.

    Resuming, this sell includes:

    -Phone (in the box with Amazon receipt with warranty still)
    -Charger cable
    -Seidio surface case (very good protection)
    -Flip shell case from BlackBerry
    -2 screen protective films( with screen cleaning cloth and application card)
    -charger bundle (with an extra battery! )

    I'm selling for 200 euros (negotiable).

    Z10 (good condition) with accessories [DUPLICATE THREAD]-img_20151011_145806.jpgZ10 (good condition) with accessories [DUPLICATE THREAD]-11102015080.jpgZ10 (good condition) with accessories [DUPLICATE THREAD]-11102015081.jpgZ10 (good condition) with accessories [DUPLICATE THREAD]-11102015082.jpgZ10 (good condition) with accessories [DUPLICATE THREAD]-11102015083.jpgZ10 (good condition) with accessories [DUPLICATE THREAD]-11102015084.jpgZ10 (good condition) with accessories [DUPLICATE THREAD]-11102015085-2-.jpgZ10 (good condition) with accessories [DUPLICATE THREAD]-11102015086-2-.jpgZ10 (good condition) with accessories [DUPLICATE THREAD]-img_20151011_145848.jpgZ10 (good condition) with accessories [DUPLICATE THREAD]-img_20151011_145900.jpgZ10 (good condition) with accessories [DUPLICATE THREAD]-img_20151011_145918.jpgZ10 (good condition) with accessories [DUPLICATE THREAD]-img_20151011_145924.jpg

    Any questions I answer!

    By the way the phone is unlocked!

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    Why did you create two listings for the same sale???

     RED Passport SQW100-1/ on Telus
    10-11-15 03:19 PM
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    Why did you create two listings for the same sale???
    This duplicate thread is now Closed.
    10-14-15 07:42 PM

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