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    Item Description

    UPDATE: Willing to trade for a TF300 with original accessories. Although 32GB would be nice, 16GB is fine also.

    Hi, I'm trying to sell a Blackberry Playbook 64GB Wi-Fi. I originally purchased this in January of this year after they had a $299 everything sale.

    The Playbook is in very good condition, at least to my standard. All buttons work, nothing is wrong with the USB charging port or the hdmi output port. I never used the quick charge ports so it should be good as new. No scratches/scuffs, all cameras working.

    I just Secure Wiped the playbook to get rid of my personal information. This playbook has never been rooted or physically modded (opened). I will add photos at the end of my text.

    I'm looking to sell this instead of trading. There's probably nothing I want that would be a good trade offer.


    I originally bought this playbook for new for $299 from online (blackberry store) I'm looking for about $150-200 for the playbook and all its original accessories, manuals, box. I also have a case I bought that can be set up as a stand. You can also put the original Playbook sleeve on top of this case for added protection. Price is negotiable.


    Like New? No scratches, scuffs, deformations, cracks, etc. No Dead/Stuck Pixels.


    Original Box, Sleeve, USB Sync Cord, USB Wall Charger, Case, Micro-Fiber Cloth

    Item Location

    The item will be shipping from the United States as I live in Missouri.

    Shipping Details

    Shipping options are open. I would prefer to ship to USA and Canada only but I am open to other countries as long as the buyer pays for extra shipping options. This is negotiable once I have a person interested.

    Payment Options

    I've never sold anything online before, so I really don't know much about the payment options. I have a paypal for purchasing online, but I don't think I have it setup to sell, nor do I know how to set it up. Cash is off limits for both of our safety/security. USPS Money Orders are fine also. Payment options are negotiable also, but we may come to a struggle as I don't know a lot about this.

    Contact Info

    Best way to contact me is by email or text message. I have limited minutes on my cell phone, and we usually don't pickup phone calls at my house that are unknown to ourselves. If you need my number or email just send me a PM and I will send you them.

    Additional Info

    Like I said I have never sold an item online before. That's why I have several older electronic items just laying around my house. I am going to have to buy a laptop at least by the end of this semester or academic year. After getting my first smartphone i really don't need the playbook anymore. The money will help me more for gas, laptop, and phone accessories. Because there is one case and sleeve included, I can either put them in the Original box separately, or I can put the playbook in both cases to add more protection during shipping. I do have an eBay account that I use to buy items. The username is xkrnmboyx, so you can check it out if you want. I have 100% positive feedback. The Playbook is now secure wiped and ready for the to-be owner. I won't be using this tablet anymore, so I hope it finds a new owner.


    There are some dust bunnies or small stuff in the pictures, but that's because my basement room is a little dusty. I tried my best to keep dust off the item while taking pictures.



    More pictures at Pictures by xKrNMBoYx - Photobucket
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    sent you a PM, hope its still available
    09-11-12 01:22 PM
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    VERY easy to take paypal, just give the person your paypal email address and they will "send" you the money. They can either trust you and gift it with no protection for them, or mark it for goods and you will get charged a 3% handling fee from paypal, BUT the person will then have buyer protection. What it comes down too, is you should charge a little more to make up for the 3% fee, OR get them to trust you, which might be hard in this case since you don't have a trading reputation here.

    Once the money is in your paypal account it can then either be used to buy stuff with, OR you can have it sent to your linked checking or saving account. Or a bit of both.
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    09-11-12 02:07 PM
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    How did you make out with this? Did you get it sold?
    11-26-12 10:19 PM
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    Well I got two offers. The first offer was a bit complicated to explain. A person was wanting to purchase it but send it to Trinidad and Tobago, where they were doing some volunteer work. I was willing to wait for them to work out shipping details but they stopped contacting me. The second and third offer I never contacted them back because it was before you posted your helpful post and I decided to just keep it for BB10.

    I am still willing to see if anyone wants to trade a Asus TF300 for my playbook though. Doesn't matter if it's 16GB or 32GB as long as it's in near perfect condition with all accesories.
    11-27-12 10:10 AM
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    In negotiation with technology-buzz. All seems well so far.
    11-29-12 02:02 PM
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    SOLD to technology-buzz for $165 + buyer paid for shipping and fees.
    12-02-12 09:19 PM