1. texn884's Avatar
    Hi All,

    I have a Otterbox Defenter case for the Z30 and a BlackBerry Leather Swivel Holster for sale. I got them with the Z30 I bought but both I dont need so I am putting them up for sale to those Z30 folks that are looking for some fine protection.

    I will sell them both for $50.00 or $25.00 each to include shipping in the USA and extra for overseas. Both are in good shape and ready for a nice home.
    I know you all are wondering in the sofa is included and the answer is NO!! Unless you want it so fricking bad then I'll take $200 for it but you pay shipping, LOL

    07-27-14 09:15 PM
  2. Thunderbuck's Avatar
    Good luck! They look to be in pretty good shape!
    07-27-14 11:05 PM
  3. texn884's Avatar
    Thanks and yes they are in good shape and need a good home
    07-28-14 08:08 AM
  4. texn884's Avatar
    07-30-14 10:43 AM
  5. theninjew's Avatar
    I have the case part of the otterbox but not the holster part. Any chance you would sell it separately?
    07-30-14 11:31 PM
  6. texn884's Avatar
    I sent a PM
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    07-31-14 10:06 AM
  7. Q10orDeath's Avatar
    Do you still have both?

    Posted via CB10
    07-31-14 12:45 PM
  8. texn884's Avatar
    I have the case for the phone I sold the belt clip holster for the Otter Box and I have the BB Leather swivel holster still here
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    08-01-14 02:29 PM
  9. texn884's Avatar
    Okay new price!

    $30.00 for both! This is the Blue Light Special You all were waiting for. Step up and SAVE PLUS NO SALES TAX!
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    08-09-14 09:15 AM
  10. texn884's Avatar
    Anyone Anyone I need to move these items
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    08-13-14 10:47 AM
  11. ngtungle's Avatar
    Pm me at *removed by moderator* so I can ask more information. Thanks

    Posted via CB10
    Last edited by BergerKing; 08-20-14 at 11:15 AM. Reason: Removed phone number-not allowed.
    08-16-14 02:31 AM
  12. Laird Goulet's Avatar
    Do you still have?

    Posted via CB10
    08-22-14 10:33 PM
  13. texn884's Avatar
    Nope i sold it Saturday, PLEASE CLOSE
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    08-25-14 11:36 AM

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