1. NewFordOrder's Avatar
    Can't find a retailer that still sells them?
    02-15-15 09:45 PM
  2. ezrunner's Avatar
    Is this the CB Crunk case you are seeking?

    Posted via CB10
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    02-16-15 01:14 PM
  3. NewFordOrder's Avatar

    Posted via Z10.
    02-16-15 01:26 PM
  4. ezrunner's Avatar
    Pm me, I have one that I've barely used, you can have it

    Posted via CB10
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    02-18-15 05:45 AM
  5. ezrunner's Avatar
    In the mail, should arrive Monday! Hope you enjoy!

    Posted via CB10
    02-19-15 03:15 PM
  6. ezrunner's Avatar
    I ve hear back from OP, he has received the Black Crunk case as well as a white and orange!

    Posted via CB10
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    02-27-15 04:58 AM
  7. NewFordOrder's Avatar
    Yes, I did receive item as well as two additional cases. Thanks so much.

    Posted via Z10.
    ezrunner likes this.
    02-27-15 08:42 PM

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