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    Item Description: BlackBerry Classic SQC100-4 backdoor in excellent condition +$25
    Price: Trade
    Carrier Locked or Unlocked?: NA
    Condition: Excellent Barely used
    Includes: BlackBerry Classic backdoor
    Item Location: NJ USA
    Shipping Details: I'll pay sending to you you pay to me
    Payment Options: I'll send Paypal after reception
    Additional Info:
    I want to trade you my BlackBerry Classic SQC100-4 backdoor for your SQC100-3 or SQC100-5 BlackBerry Classic backdoor. Why because yours has wireless charging and mine doesn't. So it you want to make money and don't mind taking apart your Classic(and that might break warranty) then PM me. Or ofcourse if you can get me a SQC100-3 or SQC100-5 BlackBerry Classic backdoor I'll buy it for $25. Otherwise I'll mail mine out to you. Once you receive it you send me yours. On reception I'll Paypal you the money.
    Photos: Closed:BlackBerry Classic SQC100-4 backdoor +  for BlackBerry Classic SQC100-3 or -5 backdoor-bd2.jpg
    Contact Info - Please PM or post below
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    02-27-15 01:29 PM
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    Good luck finding a trade!
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    02-28-15 08:32 AM
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    Mods, please close this.
    03-01-15 03:57 PM

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